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How to Succeed in Comedy After It's Too Late

The Podcast


Comedy Minus Time: The Podcast

Leo Daedalus loses his mind and finds a purpose. An epic midlife crisis upends his life and sends him to L.A. to chase a ludicrous comedy-career dream. This is the story as it happens. And you’re invited.

Tune in for:

  • Interviews with comedians, industry machers, aspirants, and randos.

  • True confessions and progress reports from your semi-trepid host.

  • Hard-won information on How to Pursue a Ludicrous Dream, from someone who’s learning it the hard way.

Pro Tip: Episode 1 catches you up on how it all began.

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How it all began


Episode 1: Full Mental Breakdown

It’s a tale of unapplied physics, missed bakery moments, apocalyptic midlife crises, and redemptive foolhardiness, possibly.

Featuring music by Paul Trubachik, with words and vocals by Leo Daedalus, and backing vocals by Anna Leander.

I’d like to thank the Ἀκαδημία

Plus mom & dad, Theresa Pridemore and Joel Gunz for their editorial support, Eve Connell for monsoon navigation, AnnaBananaFantastic for leaping into this crazy adventure with me, and all my beloved PDX friends. (Come visit!)

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