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How to Succeed in Comedy After It's Too Late

What’s all this, then?


Leo Daedalus

I'm a performer, writer, producer — comedian, improviser, actor, singer, musician, filmmaker, blah blah blah — from zany Portland, Oregon.

For five wild years I wrote, hosted, and produced Portland's legendary live talkshow The Late Now. I did a lot of other crazy stuff too.

People keep asking me:


So when you gonna move to L.A.?”


So I says:

As soon as I get ripped apart by an insane fucking midlife crisis, question my life choices, and get rid of all my crap.

And then that all happens, except I keep my summer clothes.


Comedy Minus Time is the story of what happens next –

— unfolding in real-time via the podcast, Twitstagram, und so weiter.

It’s so crazy it just might work.

—S. Doo

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Hear how it all began

on The Podcast Episode 1: Full Mental Breakdown.