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How to Succeed in Comedy After It's Too Late

Comedy Minus Time

How to Succeed in Comedy After It's Too Late

with Leo Daedalus

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+ Time

+ the will to be amused

= Comedy.”

— Steve Allen

DATELINE: Midlife.

It hit me hard: at seventeen I should have headed to Hollywood and put the pedal to the metal on a comedy career. Now it’s way too late. Right?

Fuck that. I’m cashing out my comfy Portland life for a one-way ticket to L.A. to crash the showbiz. And you’re invited.

Liftoff or train wreck? Let’s find out!

Either way it’ll be a hell of a ride. And I’m sharing it all, lucky breaks and faceplants alike. You’ll learn:

  • How to move to LA

  • How to break into stand-up

  • How to get a California Food Handlers Card

Plus you get to kibitz. Who doesn’t love that? Heck, it might even be inspiring. That crazy dream of yours? Maybe if I survive this you’ll finally start that ASMR klezmer band.

Join me for for the kamikaze play-by-play.

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Pro Tip: The Podcast Episode 1 catches you up on how it all began.



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Episode 1: Full Mental Breakdown

A tale of madness, mayhem, and the bakery products not taken.


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